Marinating Life
Steak is my favorite protein. I like it cooked medium rare smothered in sauteed onions and mushrooms; simply delicious. Put it all next to some mashed potatoes and green beans and you've got a great meal. A great steak starts with great seasoning and marinade. It's interesting how it works but the meat absorbs the flavors of each seasoning you put on it. What you put in comes out and the longer you allow the meat to marinade the more flavor you'll get.

Welcome to the Cosby Cooking Channel! Today we will be cooking New York Strip Steaks. On one of the steaks you place some salt, pepper, steak rub, and a little minced garlic. You place the steak in the bag and pour some marinade sauce of your choosing into the bag. Sound good yet?

It's time to prepare the other steak. We won't use any good seasonings or sauces to marinade this steak in. Instead we will use whatever we can find in the garbage can. Let's dig in and see what we can find; leftover spaghetti, half drunk Starbucks Frap, a dirty disinfectant cloth, a tenth of a bottle of Sprite, some pieces of paper and last weeks chili! Alright so we've got all our garbage to place in the bag with the steak. You'll need to let them sit for a few hours for the flavors to absorb into the meat. Fortunately, I've already done this before the show today so you won't have to wait to see the results.

Ok, our grill is fired up and ready to go. Let's pull our "good" steak out of the marinade bag and place it on the grill (sizzle, smoke). MMmmmm...yea that smells great! We'll just let that cook for a few minutes before we flip it. Ok, steak one is done! Doesn't that look fantastic? Alright, steak two going on the grill (sizzle, smoke) ughh...cough This steak doesn't even smell good. There is no way that it will taste good...Well folks there you have it. If you put garbage in you'll get garbage out! And now this steak is going into the trash. Thanks for tuning into the Cosby Cooking Channel I'll see ya next year "same Cosby time, same Cosby Channel."

We marinade our lives; what seasonings and sauces we us is up to us. Know that whatever you absorb will eventually come out. If you listen to, watch, read, think, and eat garbage you will being to smell like garbage. You will begin talk trash, think trashy thoughts, believe garbage truth, smell like garbage, look like garbage and live like garbage.

The challenge today; marinade yourself in Jesus! Bask in His Holy Presence. Absorb His filling word and believe His wholesome truth.
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