Season Musings
I'll begin by painting my masterpiece on the canvas of silence that this blog has become. I've witnessed the life of two seasons since my last post. Spring gave birth to Summer and Summer has waned to Fall. I don't mind the apple cider and pumpkin pie; it's the turkey I'm holding out for. Seasons change with warning. I enjoyed the way the fall air reminded me this morning to wear a coat. I didn't listen.
We are no strangers to change; it happens. When I was in the Spring season of my life I had a favorite pair of Superman underwear. In my mind, dawning the brightly colored undergarments meant that I had truly become the man of steel. My imagination has seen it's winter since then and it's unfortunate. As with all things, even my underwear needed changing; I didn't like it. I didn't know enough to care about hygiene. The fallacy of my "underroos" became obvious when I refused to change them; I got spanked and it hurt! The power of Superman is no match for the power of Mom!
I do sense change in my own heart and I'm not threatened by it. Change is sometimes necessary to bring life again. If we never experienced the cease of Winter how could we know Spring? My heart and mind remain open to Gods conducting. He orchestrates the seasons and so He orchestrates my life.