The Tank!
This is Tank; he's our new puppy. My wife and I adopted him about a month ago from a boxer breeder around our home town. Heh, neither of us really knew what we were getting into; we just knew that we loved dogs. So, we've got an energetic, adorable, affectionate handful of an animal. He's great!
Talk about responsibility. Our lives have changed drastically since adopting this little guy. Our patience has been tried and tested. Our nerves have been strained to the max. Its not all bad though. He's a ton of fun to play with and he makes you feel so special with greetings that would make anyone feel as if they were royalty. We're just working with him and teaching him the ropes here at the Cosby household; or is it that he's teaching us? As of right now he thinks that he is Alpha dog...I mean who doesn't think that from time to time?
I can't help but to think about how bull-headed and stubborn my nature is. It compels me to do everything I know not to do; to buck the "system." I have a coherent brain. Tank, on the other hand, just wants to survive. So what's my excuse? What can suppress my own carnality? Humility. A term loosely used but rarely understood.
I realize that my way of doing life isn't the best way. I am selfish by nature and feel the need to be "Alpha" or in control. Yet, the more I strive to obtain control I realize how little there is for me to grasp. The striking reality is that if I try to preserve my life (control) I will lose it, but if I lose my life (control) for the sake of Christ than I will gain it (luke 17:33). Lose control? Think about it...

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