Put down your Paper Plate
The idea is nothing new. Our "paper plate" society is driven with activity; people are just too busy to truly live. Unfortunately, this "paper plate" way of life has infiltrated the Christian Church. We are guilty of exchanging true intimacy with God for whatever will fit into our schedules. Jesus invites us to come sit; to come and know; to come and fellowship with Him at His banqueting table. Instead of communing with our Savior we bring our paper plates, paper napkins, plastic ware, and Styrofoam cups to a table that has been lavishly set. We than proceed to fill our paper ware with what we would call spiritual "food" than scurry out of the room to eat on the run.
The problem is that this banqueting table was set by our Savior with the intent of fellowship. Isn't it ironic that some of us who call Jesus savior "pencil in" devotional time? We come to the banqueting room where Jesus waits, sit down with our paper ware until we feel like we have had our fill, and then we just leave. I can't speak for everyone, but, I've been taught that dining and dashing is rude. Is our time spent with Jesus merely a quick spiritual fix? Or is it a time of deep fellowship? Only you can know for sure where you heart stands on this. If your daily time with Jesus resembles a "paper plate" dining experience consider that Jesus longs for fellowship with you. Shouldn't we long for fellowship with him? Jesus brings an abundant life to the table; life filled with purpose, love, joy, comfort, and fellowship. What do you bring to Jesus' table? Are you bringing your paper plate or are you bringing a heart that hungers for intimacy with our Savior?

John 10:10...I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.

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  1. That is deep. And I catch myself thinking that after I post this comment on something deep I'm about to rush off without thinking any further on it to whatever comes next. Slowing down is really hard.