Winter Storm Warning!
I was sitting at my desk when it happened. A loud pop and it was lights out. A transformer had blown somewhere near our house and we were left in the dark. We were in the middle of what has turned out to be a devastating winter storm. It's been five days since we've had power at our house. It's cold, dark and quiet...too quiet. My wife and I venture back to our abode from time to time; still no power.
I'm not happy about the situation. A lot of the comforts of life have been ripped from under me. Yet, I am thankful for shelter, warmth, food in my stomach and loving people that have pulled together through this trying time. You see, our church has opened itself as a shelter for people seeking refuge. Along with a team of volunteers, I have been working around the clock trying to help however I can. Time doesn't move so slowly when you're keeping busy.
I've had the chance to meet and serve some very kind people; people from all walks of life. It's humbling to be one a hand reaching out in love to help another. I only hope that through all of this people have encountered love from a higher source; God's love. Though I am tired, I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. If my power were on you would find me here at the shelter; cooking, cleaning, playing, serving, talking, and praying.
If you read this...please keep our city in prayer. There are people still out in the cold with no food and some without water.
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