Instant access....turned off and tuned out

I remember when I signed my first 2 year contract with a cell phone service provider. I thought that I had achieved the pinnacle of independence. I had a cell phone! I could now call anyone whenever I wanted; provided I had their numbers memorized. Not only that, people could have instant access to me; any time, any place, any where. That was exciting for a while. Eight years later what used to be independence has become the likeness of a massive ball and chain strapped to my neck; except for that it's small, black, sleek, weighs just a few ounces and fits comfortably into my pocket. It's not the weight of my phone that seems to slow me down it's the pressure. Will I offend the person trying to reach me if I forward them to my voice mail? Is the phone call important enough to interrupt dinner? How do I know until I answer it? I remember when receiving someone's answering machine simply meant they weren't home or they were too busy to take a call and that was ok. Now receiving someone's voice mail can be considered insulting. Why?

Is it possible to just turn off the instant access;to tune out to the noise that interrupts at the most inopportune times? It is possible and for me it's likely. I'll let ya know how it goes.

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  1. Good luck to you. I still remember raising my hand with the 7 or so others at a CBC men's meeting indicating that we did not own cell phones. The several hundered other people could not understand the desire to be "off the radar" so eaisly.